Welcome to the Electronic Celestial Index!
Or more specifically, the ECI Project Official Thank You Page!

Major Thanks To:
She created the first Celestial Index, a simple HTML list of the deities and their Roles. She started the ball rolling. She also attempted (single-handedly!) to create a non-HTML based version in Turing and/or Pascal.
He did the Javascript and HTML coding and created the ECI quizlet. Without his tireless efforts, the ECI would have remained a figment of, well, several people's imaginations.
She created the need for a Celestial Index in the first place. She also did the layouts for the final version, and supplied all the nagging that got the job actually done.

Just as important, if not more so, are the researchers, who tirelessly searched through all (that's right, all) of the canon stories collected here at the Bar. Some of these brave souls actually went without watching television in order to finish their research on time. That's dedication.

(And yes, we realise that some of the names are repeated, but researching was a big job. It entailed recording every mention of a deity, their Roles, etc. and even jotting down any personal description about the character. Trust us. It deserves a lot of praise.)
researched Stitch in Time (which sort of counts as a couple, since it was so big)
researched Four Weddings and Celebria, A Day In The Life of Mary, Moral Konflict: Kontinuation, Hichan Comes Thundering In, The Sandbox of Doom and Story Time
researched Moral Konflict and Gone But Not Forgotten
researched Flight Of A Shadow, Morturite Salutant, Sailor Kombat, Backfire, and Wandering Souls
However, the bulk of the research was pulled off by one person:
researched a grand total of 8 stories: First, Halcyon Days, Let the Festivities Begin, Genesis, Johnny's Day Out, Career Moves, In Absentia, and Dea ex Machina. That's over 1.3 MB of text... McGill's loss is our gain!

and now without any further ado (although additional ado is available by request)...

The Electronic Celestial Index, ver. 1.0

A downloadable version of the complete Index is available here.

The old-fashioned non-electronic Celestial Index is still available here.