This alliterative, alternately-moraled author would like to assure people that she is not on crack. This popular misconception has followed her throughout her long, twisty-plotty career.

Biku is currently retired--she hung up her straw hat--but plans to have a reunion tour eventually. While she still works in the Bar, she is concentrating on original novels and trying to stay sane. She lives in Toronto, Ontario, with her pet cats, Murphy and Claudia. (Also her family, but they would prefer not being mentioned on a Mortal Kombat page. She says she can't blame them.)

Johinsa the Less Prolific, who is responsable for maybe one-sixth of the current MK universe, has not yet killed off any major MK characters (unlike some authors she could mention). She would like due credit for this self-restraint. Johinsa also likes to write MK sonnets. People find nothing wrong with this, mostly because she doesn't tell them.

Although she is now trying to concentrate on writing original fiction, Johinsa still likes to write MK stories when inspired to do so. Inspiration strikes her most often when people write long letters of feedback. Readers, take note.

A slightly demented, slightly reclusive author, Kim-chan has only written three MK stories to date. "I'm NOT actually evil,"--as most, including her own mother, have assumed--"just misunderstood," she rambles, while gesturing wildly.

Also, Kim-chan (she wants this in her obituary) was the first Omniversal MK writer to use only original characters in a fanfic. She currently lives in Berea, Kentucky (don't worry if you've never heard of it) and is currently 16 years old and a freshman in high school. She lives with her cat, Tommy, and her parents, who weren't asked but probably don't want to be mentioned here either. She also lives with her computer and TV, two other beloved family members.

She is a crazy 16-year-old who loves to watch the cartoons of Batman and The Magician, reads at least two books every day, and loves to fight in martial arts classes.

She's totally crazy about Rayden (loves his power) and is currently in her last year of secondary education. Casey will be entering college next year.

Andy-kun is a college student from Germany. During his studies of English and American literature, he found out that modern science of literature simply ignores one of the most fascinating genres - Mortal Kombat fanfiction. No MK fanfic writer has ever won the Nobel Prize. It's Andy-kun's personal goal to change this. Maybe not with his own stories, but with his studies of MK fanfics, which surely will have an impact on modern science of literature.

I'm 18 and am going to serve in the Navy for four years. My job is a Gunner's Mate, and I hope to be stationed in Japan. I'm proud to say I was born on the first of April, I'm an Aries, I was also hatched, and I have a special bond with Toaster Strudels. As for the stories, I first started writing stories for The Real Adv. of Jonny Quest, where I learned I was a Hopeless Romantic and Damn Proud of It. Then I started writing MK stories with Johnny and Sonya, and I fell in love with the Omniversal Bar after I got over my initial confusion and yelling "What the ****?!?!" and ranting for an hour that I couldn't figure out anything or anybody.

My goals in life.... are pretty much to designate some goals in life. And maybe write some really great romance comedy action novels. And maybe go poke some badgers with spoons. And meet Eddie Izzard in person.

Although Bento hasn't actually written any MK fics (she's proud of her deadweight status), she has volunteered to be a Tour Guide. Meaning, if you have any questions about back stories, characters, etc., that isn't in the Information Booth or the Celestial Index then she would be happy to answer them for you, in a clear, concise manner in which she will ramble, change topic frequently and often contradict herself. If you have questions (MK questions, silly!) then you can email her at

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