We've done more on the Mortal Kombat universe than the Mortal Kombat people have! We can do whatever the hell we want from now on!

He's a lot less scary when you know he's got a dad.
Bento, on Shao Khan and Thunder

It may not be as honourable, but it's definitely smarter to attack while your opponent is still posing.

I'm very proud of the MK tapestry that we have built. And I mix my metaphors with pride.

And it was a great parody on stereotypical action heroes who don't seem to have any other trouble in fights than reciting punchlines. (PUNCH LINES!)
Andy-kun, on Moral Konflict

Excuse me, but if Jikan Tai wants to plant zucchini, then by god, Jikan Tai is going to plant zucchini.

Liu Kang is not rebellious. His idea of rebellion is to buy cookies and not share them.

Someone has to get Jikan Tai a mortal girlfriend soon, or get him some therapy.

You must be able to create a believeable universe out of nothing but imagination... if you can do that by the end of the course you will be remarkably adept.
The introduction to a story workshop that Biku was forced to drop out of after two classes

By being useless I'm filling a much-needed niche. I'm like Crewman #6--only you can't kill me off because I'm also the Plucky Comic Relief.
Bento, describing why she hasn't bothered to write any MK stories

Art demands sacrifices. You're the Queen of snifflers!
Andy-kun, on MK: Kontinuation

"What?!? Who are all these Gods, and why are they bantering??" I can hear them cry.
Bento, on Four Weddings and Celebria

It's just to make him aware of your universe-building skills, so he can harness them for the greater glory of Canada. Which is something we all should be working towards, except those of us who are Americans.
Johinsa, on sending Dea Ex Machina to the Prime Minister

Anyway, Rayden reminded me so much of Connor [MacLeod] that I decided they must be the same person...

It wasn't about MK, the whole point was that poems about trees, unless they happen to be specifically MK trees, are bad, and that was an example of a non-MK-tree bad tree poem.

In fact I was so inspired by the whole story (Johnny's Day Out) that yesterday when my mom asked me if I wanted anything at the store, I said "Peanuts and Ice cream," deadpan. You shoulda seen the look on her face. She got them though!

Did I ever say I didn't like Hichan fics? Did Kim-chan? I'm pretty sure Bento hasn't. Therefore, it's safe to say, Biku, that the only people saying they don't like Hichan fics are the voices inside your head.

Honestly, that arc was really plausible, if one accepts that there's a god and his family living at a temple in China - and that Mao Tse Tung has done nothing against it.

You shouldn't listen to Bento-chan when it comes to stories. Where would Shakespeare be if he had ever listened to Bento-chan?
Andy-kun, on Bento's refusal to have any more sad stories

What else could we talk about? I know! How do Rayden and Meimei like Jurassic Park III?

TODAY'S TIP FOR 'PROFESSIONAL' WRITERS: When writing poetry, be sure to express angst.
WRONG: Jack fell down, and broke his crown.
RIGHT: Jack fell down, and experienced a bunch of angst.
Dave Barry

And maybe Shang Tsung sent out little invitations: "We would like to request your presence at an informal Tournament. BYON. ('Bring Your Own Nunchuks')"
Bento, on Shang Tsung bringing Sonya and Johnny into the Tournament

Who are the King and Queen? Are they gods or - hey, wait, they're Serena and Endymion, aren't they? The Crystal Palace - okay, I guess I should've got that sooner, huh.
Johinsa, on the Guardian Chronicles

I've started wondering about Kerlan, in particular. This guy is wearing robes in peach, and his mother always tries to find a girl for him, but he prefers to hang out with Rayden. Could it be that he wants to be more than friends with Rayden-sama?

The Big Page O' Kim-chan's Quotes

Bantering Back and Forth

Part One
Biku's Mother: [seeing Biku & Bento watching Mortal Kombat on TV] Oh, are you guys watching TV?
Biku & Bento: Yep.
Biku's Mother: What are you watching?
Biku & Bento: Mortal Kombat.
Biku's Mother: Oh. Okay. [pause] Wait, have you seen this before?
Biku & Bento: [hysterical laughter]
Bento: [Turning to Biku] Wow, you know your mother's not involved in your life when...

Part Two
Biku: Yeah, and my dad said that he had found some MK stuff for me, and I was like, "Cool! New MK stuff!" only it wasn't MK stuff, it was, like, DragonBall Z.
Bento: Ha ha! He can't tell the difference?
Biku: Well, he is old. But I mean, he still recognised that MK was important to me, y'know? Something that I was really excited about...
Bento: As opposed to your mom, who, yeah, fails.

Biku: I think we have enough Roles by now. We have so many we're trying to create an Electronic Celestial Index, for crying out loud!
Kim-chan: You're probably right. I don't know of any more Roles we could have without sounding weird.

Snappy Answers During the MK Movie

Bento: Jax isn't in this movie, is he?
Biku: ...how about we rewind the movie and all take a gander at the large black man following Sonya...

Rayden: It's not about death, but life.
Biku: Sure as hell looks like it's about death to me!

Rayden: To fight Shang Tsung is to face not one but a legion of adversaries.
Biku: Yeah but... they're the souls of vanquished warriors... it's a legion of losers!

Bento: [as Liu] Hmm, are you my dead brother or are you the evil sorceror who we know shape-changes and who was standing here a moment ago? I'll just think about it while you hit me.

Biku: Well, Linda! Now you've finally seen Mortal Kombat. What did you think?
Linda: [hesitently] Well... I definitely agree with you that it has a lot of potential... but one question.
Biku: Yeah?
Linda: How did he get out of the orchard?